Facilities - Docking & Port Services For The Cruise Industry


Berth location:    Latitude 49° 09.8’ North
Longitude 123° 55.3’ West
Float dimensions:    107 x 15 metres ( 350 x 50 feet)
Height of float above water:    2.44 metres (8 feet)
Type of fenders:    Yokohama type 2.4 x 4.2 metres (8 x 13.75 feet)
Spaced 15 metres (50 feet) apart
Strength of bollards:    50 and 100 tonnes on float
100 and 125 tonnes on mooring and berthing dolphins
Distance between bollards:    15 to 24 metres (50 to 80 feet) on float
30.5 to 40 metres (100 to 130 feet) on mooring and berthing dolphins
Dolphins:    3 berthing dolphins and float face
4 mooring dolphins
Security zone around the vessel at the pier:    As per MTSR R1 requirements
Depth of water alongside at low tide:    Minimum 10 metres (32.8 feet)
Maximum allowed ship’s length over all:    320 metres (1,050 feet)
Handicap accessibility:    Yes, with transporter service available
Availability of shore gangways:    Yes (2) no charge
Availability of fork lifts:    Yes
Distance to Welcome Centre:    220 metres (700 feet)
Distance from pier to “downtown”:    Approximately 1 km (0.6 miles) walking distance


After confirmation, cruise ships will have guaranteed berthing.



Port Services

PILOTAGE    Pilotage is compulsory
Location of pilot station:    Dependent on whether the vessel is traveling from the South or North
From the South the pilot may be picked up at either Seattle or Brotchie
From the North at either Pine Island or Triple Island
Distance to pier/anchorage:    From Pine Island 199 n.m.
From Limekiln 70 n.m.
Duration of whole maneuver:    From Limekiln: approximately 3.7 hours
From Pine Island: approximately 10.5 hours based on slack tides in Seymour Narrows; there are four tide change opportunities per day
Service hours:    24 hours
Number of available pilots:    100
TOWAGE    Tug service is not compulsory; however, tug assist is at the pilot discretion
FRESH WATER    Available in 2015
GARBAGE    By arrangement
RECYCLING    Recycling service is limited
By special arrangement
By special arrangement
BUNKERS    Bunker service is available
Grade:    All grades are available
Delivery by barge from Vancouver; capacity 4,000 MT
Marine diesel oil is available by barge
Maintenance/repair facilities: local engineering, fabrication, and electrical shops are available locally



Port Contacts

Nanaimo Port Authority    Administrative Office Location
Box 131    100 Port Drive
Nanaimo, BC, Canada    Nanaimo, BC, Canada
V9R 5K4    V9R 0C7

Tel: 250-753-4146
Fax: 250-753-4899
Email: info@npa.ca

Contact: Rodney Grounds, Harbour Master
Email: rgrounds@npa.ca

Contact: Doug Peterson, Manager of Marketing & Sales
Email: dpeterson@npa.ca

Port Agent
ISL Customs Brokers
206-75 Front Street
Nanaimo, BC, Canada
V9R 5H9
Tel: 250-754-2305
Email: info@islandbroker.com

Contact: Brian O’Connell