Shore Excursions That Are Sustainable By Design

In keeping with the values of Central Island rights-holders, communities, businesses, and residents, and being cognizant of evolving trends in mindful travel & leisure, the Port of Nanaimo’s new shore excursion program prioritizes sustainability.

Along with economic feasibility and financial return, experiences aim to address environmental protection & advocacy, preservation & sharing of local history, tradition & culture, and community building & strengthening.



Ecotourism experiences are carefully curated with subject experts, including local Indigenous elders, biologists, ecologists, forestry engineers and farmers, to ensure that conservation and environmental standards & best practices are adhered to, and where possible, exceeded. Local experts will also ensure the quality and accuracy of information communicated to guests during tours.



Indigenous cultural experiences are designed contentiously, in active partnership with Indigenous communities from Central Vancouver Island to ensure respectful representation and cultural & traditional accuracy. Stories and teachings will be shared by local elders, youth, story-tellers and knowledge keepers, and include introductions to some local dialects.



Experiences are held to a high standard of community conservation and enhancement. The intention is to see the creation of net-positive social impacts through contributions and support to the mandates of various nonprofit and charitable organizations associated with each individual experience.

Addressing Evolving Trends

The Port of Nanaimo aims to address evolving trends in travel & leisure by adopting a person-centred experience design strategy, and subsequently, by creating a collection of accessible, deeply immersive, niche experiences, with intimate group sizes. This approach allows for the creation of diverse experiences in which guests can see, touch, taste, smell and hear their surroundings for a full sensory experience that naturally encourages a higher level of perceived value. The Port also recognizes that some guests do prefer more traditional shore-excursions, and as such, previous group tours will still be available.